We all want to save some money during this time as our utility prices keep increasing. Cleaning both the outside and inside air conditioning coils while cleaning the furnace blower in combination with performing a routine diagnostic on the entire system as a whole will increase the efficiency of your Home Comfort System and prolong its operation. Scheduling this service passes on the savings of having it all done at one time by one serviceman. To view our pricing flyer
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Coil Cleaning
Over time, the flow of air through the heating/cooling coil causes a build up of airborne particles on the coil, reducing the airflow and the efficiency of the whole unit. To keep the unit working properly it is necessary to clean the coils at regular intervals. How often a particular coil will need to be cleaned depends on where the unit is situated and the airflow through it.
Furnace, A/C, Blower and Coil Cleaning
Furnace cleanings should be done once a year. Dust, ash and rust can clog your burner assembly causing it to burn yellow. This improper mixture of air causes what you call a lazy flame. Lazy flame is when the flames go side to side fighting for oxygen. You are actually losing a lot of efficiency because it’s not a direct flame. It will take longer to heat your home and of course, this means higher gas bills. We take your burners out of your system clean, vacuum and brush them of rust build up. Assuring they are not clogged you will see a difference in flame color a little more blue means perfect mixture of air. Our A/C cleanings involve cleaning your condenser coils, check capacitors, and switches. Most importantly at Corner Gas Heating and Cooling Inc. We can test your system for a proper charge. Too much or too little refrigerant can throw the system off. We can add if necessary and cool your house to full capacity.

As your furnace ages, it is necessary to check the heat exchanger for any cracks or openings that could leak carbon monoxide into your home. It is also good to clean the furnace so that it will continue to heat your home efficiently and without failure. A dirty furnace will not always work the first time the thermostat tells it to turn on.

Did you know that in order to maintain good air flow, you need to keep your furnace filter clean? There are a number of furnace filter options. There are disposable, washable, electronic, and electrostatic filters. A number of factors play into how quickly your filter will become dirty. Just keep in mind that you should check your filter every month and replace it or clean it once it gets dirty.

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